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Lunches are provided by Stephens Catering and Dominos Pizza. Click on the link below for a monthly menu. Lunches are not served on days when school is dismissed at noon.

Current lunch menus can now be found on InfoDirect.

Lunch Prices
A school lunch costs $4 and includes a main entrée, 2 side items, and a juice/milk. An extra entrée may be purchased for $2 with a $4 meal purchase. Students may also order juice/milk only (without the lunch) at a cost of $0.50. Lunch cards may be purchased in the school office for meals or milks/juices.

Lunch Cards Required
Students who order a school lunch will be required to buy a lunch card in the school office. The cafeteria and teachers will not accept payment for lunches or juice/milk. To make this plan versatile enough for all our families, parents will be able to buy any number of meals or milks. Meal cards are non-refundable.

Ordering Lunches
Lunches are ordered daily by students in the classroom.

Ordering Milk and other Beverages
  • Milk (chocolate or white) or fountain drink (juice) orders are placed with the lunch order each morning in the classroom. Milk or juice ordered with the lunch is included in the $4.00 cost.
  • A student may also order milk/juice without a lunch at a cost of $0.50. Drink orders are made each morning in the classroom.
  • Soft drinks are available for students in grades 6-12.

Lunch Charging
No charging for lunches will be permitted. In the rare instance that charging becomes necessary, the lunch will be billed at a higher rate.

Microwave Ovens, Napkins, Plates, Spoons & Forks
Microwaves are available in the cafeteria for students to use. Students who bring a meal from home as well as students who purchase a hot lunch will have access to plastic forks and spoons, plates and napkins at no charge.

What if We Forget to Bring Lunch?
Your student's teacher or a school secretary will call you; you will be asked to bring something for lunch for your child to eat. Charging for lunches will not be permitted.